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Build a multigenerational culture of learning and cooperation!
Do you want to build a culture of cooperation, diversity and innovation in your company or organisation?

There are many strategies to follow but INSPIRER also provides all the necessary tools: training, measurable evaluation, and a platform for reverse mentorship.

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What INSPIRER offers:

Training course on multigenerational workplace culture

This unique training course is addressed to managers handling cross generational teams and to Human Resources managers and provides useful information and training for profiting from the full potential of supporting a multigenerational culture in the workplace.

Learn how to enhance and support your people’s skills, no matter their age and how to manage multigenerational teams successfully.

360o assessment tool for multigenerational workplace culture

The tool provides a holistic approach to assessing the culture of your company. It supports your managers and employees (over and under 55) to measure the elements that constitute a multigenerational workplace.

It also provides you with suggestions and policies on what each party should implement to enhance the collaboration between generations.

It can be used before and after each training session to evaluate impact and results.

Cross-generational / reverse-age mentorships in digital technologies

This platform is a valuable tool to implement reverse mentoring in your company or organisation.

It operates as a safe space where younger and older employees can be paired to provide mentoring on new technologies and areas of expertise and to share insights.

Older employees will benefit from the younger ones’ expertise on digital skills and younger ones will receive insights on communication and other much needed soft skills.

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Project INSPIRER – Inclusive workplaces for seniors workers [2020-1-SK01-KA204-078253]

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